Slightly Scented by British contemporary artist Richard Dawson is a blooming
beautiful book, back to back colour images and bound in mandarin orange.
It showcases over 150 delicate and yet graphic floral images, a project spanning over 15 years.
The artwork was originally inspired by visits to East London’s Columbia Road flower market and the
Action Art movement of the1960’s.
He has used a unique photographic process pressing the flowers onto glass then capturing the image from underneath.
The book unlocks the unseen detail and vivid colours of his favourite flowers many of which he has grown himself.
Limited edition of 1000 copies, signed and numbered.
Preface by Peter Carty.

£25.00 including UK postage

Slightly Scented

297 x 210 mm hardback

176 pages

ISBN 9781527285644

Published 2021